Playing catch-up

Last Thursday’s outfit
Two ladies at dancing complimented my skirt,
And one recognised it as one she’d owned in the 70s!

I am so very far behind in posting for you. In truth, I’m behind in everything just now, and finding it hard to catch back up to myself. I was in work at 7.45am today, and only left my desk when I was forced to spend an hour in a training session, then didn’t even notice it was home time until Clare came down to prise me from my desk. I’m run off my feet!

Yesterday’s outfit for the office

I have so much to acquaint you with too! On Friday night Nat came to stay, a much needed visit, and we made brownies. Then Saturday night was spent with Dapper’s parents, and Sunday in reading, walking and watching TV. And last night, Carys and N came around to natter, drink tea, and ummm, put up coat hooks! Thank goodness for fellas with drills! (Thank you, N!)

I’m hopeful I’ll have a little spare time tomorrow, although we do have a club meetup tomorrow night, so no promises! Thursday I’m working from home, then Friday I have a day’s annual leave, so a day trip will certainly be in order… And Saturday is Elena’s 30th! So I’ll have to catch you up on all of those again at the start of next week!

Goodness, what it is to be in demand! 😛


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