Raspberry and white chocolate muffins with rose water and lime drizzle

That’s a right mouthful, eh?!

This is a leftovers recipe. I had a handful of smushed, defrosted raspberries left from the weekend’s brownies. I had a milky bar in the cupboard from goodness knows where. So I made a batch of basic muffin mix, roughly chopped the chocolate and added the smushed raspberries too. I had no golden caster sugar, opting instead to use up the end of a bag of golden granulated, bought for the Christmas fudge. Having no plain flour left, I used self raising and omitted the baking powder…

The result was a decent texture, not to dry, but not sweet enough. They worked when you got a bite of chocolate chunk, but that wasn’t enough to lift them. A quick rifle through the cupboards uncovered half a bottle of rosewater used in cocktails many moons ago, with which I made a basic “drizzle”. As the rosewater and sugar alone were a little too sweet, I added a squeeze of two of lime juice and voila!


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