Liver and bacon and EMP


My long weekend passed so very quickly! On Friday, we went to Birmingham to see the Poetry of Drawing exhibition – more on that in a later scheduled post. Saturday was spent quite lazily really, until mid-afternoon, when we headed up the M6 to Bolton for Elena’s 30th. It was a great do, suitably sparkly I think for the lady in question, involving bubbly, balloons and some rather tasty food courtesy of The Retreat!

Birthday girl!

I had the most divine liver and bacon served with mash and crispy fried onions – I swear, I was melting with every mouthful. Delicious stuff! We had planned to stay over, but Dapper had work to do on Sunday and so decided to drive back the same night, which got us home just after 2am…

This was when the oddness started. Not long after we arrived at the house, there was a very strange noise. The best way I can describe it – and in fact, the way I described it to Dapper – is as similar to the TARDIS arriving, or perhaps, how one would imagine a sonar pulse to sound. Dapper suggested somewhat unconvincingly that it might be a VERY late plane passing overhead. We forgot about it entirely.

Twenty minutes later, Dapper commented that we must have missed a power cut. The oven clock was wrong.

Of course, in our minds the two events remained unconnected coincidences – why, indeed, would we connect the two together?

On Sunday morning I got my phone out to check whether I’d received any texts or emails. When I had phoned Elena at 6pm the day before I had had almost full battery. Now my phone was off, and it wouldn’t switch on again.

To offer some context, my phone does sometimes cut out. Usually when I’m in a heightened emotional state, it just cuts out completely and gives me a few minutes to pull myself together. But when it cuts out, it goes blank for a few moments, then comes back at full – and regular – power. On the one occasion I did let the battery run flat, it turned itself off, but would let me power up again long enough to check for messages. It has never before done an impersonation of a brick, outright refusing to even hint at life. When I got it back to mine and plugged it in, it did, finally agree to play ball, but had lost all stored data – the date, the time – everything. It has never done that before!

On Sunday afternoon, we decided a walk to the shop for provisions was in order. We incorporated the trip with a typical Sunday afternoon stroll, so weren’t too gutted to find the shop unexpectedly closed for the afternoon. We did, however, still need provisions, and so walked home intending to drive to the next nearest outlet.

This was when we discovered that the central locking system wouldn’t work. Dapper pressed and pressed the button, tried the other buttons, pushed and wiggled and shook and generally tried every possible tactic, but the car keys simply wouldn’t work. The doors would not unlock. It was as if something had knocked the electronics out of whack…

It was only at this point that we began to wonder whether the car keys, phone, and oven were connected. Perhaps there was a power surge on Saturday night/Sunday morning that extended beyond items that were plugged in, to anything electronic in nature? (Did you experience anything similar in the wider Solihull area over the weekend?) Or perhaps my ESP is such that I’m affecting more than just my mobile phone of late…

Who knows!


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