I was late leaving today. I awoke at 5am, confused as I’d fallen asleep with the light on, in a state of nervous apprehension. I’ve been having more unpleasant dreams, no longer involving the fear factor, but in which a current issue in my life is slowly and painfully resolved. Then I awake to the realisation that nothing has actually been resolved at all,  my subconscious was just playing out my emotions on my behalf. Yeah, thanks for that, id!

So, I naturally fell back to sleep, and finally awoke 18 minutes before I needed to leave for the train. I had pulled out an outfit last night, so thankfully only needed to throw things over my head, and apply minimal make-up to alleviate the tell-tale signs of exhaustion in my face. (Current morning make-up routine: eyebrow pencil, concealer under eyes. Aaaaaand I’m out the door!) I grabbed my bag, into which I was certain I had transfered everything I needed last night, grabbed my keys and headed towards the door…

Something stopped me. Having learned the hard way what happens when you ignore your instincts, I decided I really ought to check my bag before I left. I’m SO glad that I did!

Phone, wallet, keys? Check, check, check.
Book, hair brush, mints? Check, check, check.
Office swipe card? Check.
Rail pass?

Rail Pass????????????????????

Not there. I rifled around in my bag: no pass. I emptied everything out of my bag: no pass. Hmmmm.

The confusing thing about this was that I keep my office swipe card and my rail pass together. They’re of a similar size and shape, I need them for the same days and events, there was no reason, frankly, why I’d have moved one and not the other into my handbag.

Apparently that was what I had done. I’d somehow grabbed my swipe card from my coat pocket but left my rail pass behind. Clever, huh?

I barely made the train, but at least I did make it. And there’s nothing like a brisk jog to kick start an exhausted day! 🙂


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