I’m not in the best of moods this evening. I was dreading making my way into work by train today, and my fears were realised when, just shy of Banbury, we drew to a standstill. Where we remained for the next hour and a half.

Delayed trains always put me in a bad mood, not only because there is absolutely nothing to be done – it’s not like one can choose to walk away or turn back, as one is, to all intents and purposes, locked in a metal box – nor even because they mean leaving work late, and therefore arriving home late, which, when one usually arrives home sometime short of 7pm, makes for a painfully short and restless evening. But because they have caused me to get up at a frankly ungodly hour for no actual gain. My alarm goes off at 5.30am in order that I can get home in time to enjoy some semblance of relaxation before bedtime, not in order to waste an additional hour and a half staring at the same frosted field of Oxfordshire countryside. Also, because train fares are so very extortionate these days. Every day that I take the train into Oxford costs me in excess of £32. That’s almost a third of my daily pay packet. Which, considering I’m a higher degree graduate with 6 years experience in the field, is simply ludicrous.

Rant over, I did at least have my book with me to pass the time. I read Blameless, the third Parasol Protectorate novel by Gail Carriger (see my review of Soulless here) which I demolished with every bit the glee and laugh-out-loud enjoyment I did the first two. I had been putting off reading it as I knew that the moment I finished I’d long for the fourth, sadly not available in the UK until July! They are such easy, pleasurable reads… I still highly recommend them to anyone with a taste for vampires, werewolves, Queen Victoria and the excessive consumption of tea!


2 thoughts on “Standstill

    • Oh, you’ll love this – everyone I’ve handed my copy on to has! Fantastic stuff! Also, saw on your blog mention of Being Human – this series has been spectacular IMO. The writing is fantastic – they employ the old Buffy staple of heavy-heavy-dark episode followed by light-hearted silliness to great effect. Dapper and I spent many a Sunday night in awed silence! Cx

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