Sorry for the week-long pause in outfit shots. I’ve been laid up with some delightful vomitting bug thing the last couple of days, and not felt up to photographs. As a result I’ve certainly lost weight – indeed, I’m told the shape of my face has quite altered, and that I looked “positively gaunt” yesterday – although everyone was far too polite to draw attention to the black sunken rings around my eyes. All good, though, as I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds…

Anyway, here is Wednesday’s outfit shot for you. I will snap this Thursday and Friday’s, but you may have to wait until after the weekend for a decent blog post.

In other news, I was saddened to hear of the death of the lovely Dame Elizabeth Taylor yesterday. Such a beauty in her day, such a fighter and an example of strength and perseverance to so many. I wish her every peace.


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