Tuesday shoesday

My Mum bought me these shoes for my last birthday. They’re from the M&S “contemporary footglove” range, and as such, have a sturdy non-slip sole and snug straps. As I walked down the road this morning I did so thinking “my GOD these are great shoes – I think I could even go running in these!”. They have never once had an outing without raising a compliment.

So today I had a quick look on the M&S website to see if anything caught my eye…Ā  Oh wonder, oh joy, I spotted these beauties!

And soon they will be mine! Yes, I ordered a pair – a little end-of-the-month treat to wear for a couple of planned events this summer… If they’re as comfortable as mine they’ll be well worth the Ā£29.50 price tag!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday shoesday

  1. Both Fi and I sent the link to those to Amber a few weeks ago – both thinking “Polka dots? Bow? Amber!” I like them a lot too, but they seem to have sold out in my size…. ah well, I can look adoringly at yours when you wear them! šŸ™‚

    • Yes, definitely Amber shoes! But I think I can just about pull them off – and there is bit of crossover in mine and Amber’s wardrobes (particularly where green dresses are concerned…) šŸ˜€

        • Amber said they weren’t high enough for her! But I stand by my verdict from last week that they are gorgeous. Hope they fit and are comfy when they arrive.

        • Fi – me too! But either way they’re pretty! Plus, I don’t like my shoes mega high – I need to be able to walk/dance in them! šŸ˜€

          Roisin – thanks chica x

  2. Those are pretty. I’m trying to be good and not buy shoes right now… Or frocks or bags for that matter. Very difficult with pretty things like this around.

    • I know – we’re (hopefully) going away for a few days at Easter and I’m trying to save for that, but there are so many things I want to buy right now! My reasoning was that these will go beautifully with a hat I bought last year and have nothing to wear with, and a little black dress. And about a million other things I own, but that’s beside the point! xx

  3. I loved these!

    I ordered these around early Feb and although they fitted in my usual size I thought I could’ve done with an extra half size up.

    I ended up taking mine back because of the size thing (I’d then switched my allegience to some red sparkly ones)…plus one of them kept squeaking!! PLUS…my toes on my left foot looked odd in the peep toe (a back problem throwing my foot into odd ways over the years) although not something you’d have to worry about! LOL!

    So now I’ve seen them again I wish I’d kept mine!

    • That’s very interesting, what you say about sizing. My shoe size changes in M&S depending on which collection I buy from, so while my contemporary footglove shoes are a 6, the InSolia and Limited Collection shoes I have are both 6.5. As they were out of 6s, I ordered these in the half size up anyway, hoping that they would fit ok…

      Sounds promising!

      I wish I could pull off Dorothy shoes, but I’m always afraid I won’t get away with it! They always look amazing on other people though. šŸ™‚

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