Fortune’s favourite

Have you ever noticed how luck seems to beget more luck? In many ways I consider myself to be a very lucky individual – in my friends, my family, my health, the fact that I have a home, a job, a degree of plenty, a Dapper Chap… In other ways I am less “lucky” – I am not the sort Lady Fortune favours with prizes, for example. I can count the number of times in my life I have actually won a prize through random chance on one hand, starting with the squeaky panda toy I won at a fair when I was 10…

This morning did not start very well at all. I arrived at my desk to find that some time between 5pm last night and 7.55am this morning my Sony earphones, bought specifically because all the company earphones hurt my ears, had been liberated from my desk. I was irritated, to say the least. And no, they haven’t as yet shown up.

But then, around lunchtime I was loitering on twitter and I saw a couple of those “RT to enter” competitions that I never win on, but always enter anyway. An hour later I had won not one but two books from not one but two different publishers. Someone had decided that today was my lucky day.

And then my payslip arrived.

A bit of pre-amble: earlier this month I received one envelope containing two different tax codes. One stated that the government knew that I had two jobs, and gave me a tax code accordingly. The other stated that the government knew I had no jobs at all, and gave me a tax code accordingly. I phoned them up on the spot to ask what in heaven’s name they were playing at, and the helpful lady fixed things and told me I might get a bit of a rebate in my next payslip.

Yeah. A BIT of a rebate. Like, half my regular monthly salary again. I knew I’d been screwed this last year, but I didn’t realise exactly how much by!

I think I might go and buy a lottery ticket…


2 thoughts on “Fortune’s favourite

  1. OOOH! There is no better prize than unexpected pay into your bank account – what an absolute treat! Well, I think there should definitely be a little shoe/dress/jewellery shaped treat for yourself in that amount, oh yes!

    • I know!!! And I may have had a bit of a blow out – on a new dress with matching cardi and hat, new underwear, a jar of the expensive moisturiser I love but haven’t been able to afford the past two years… and the Happyland Royal Wedding set!!! Did I mention that I’m a bit silly excited about the excuse to dress up, wave flags and party in the name of royalty? 😀 xx

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