Bow Friday

So I wore my shoes on Friday. I love them. They fit well. They don’t rub. And by 8.30am they’d already garnered three compliments – from the three other girls in the office that early! I highly recommend them, if they’ve your size left…

After the good fortune of a tax rebate last week I knew a spot of shopping would be in order over the weekend. I went into countless shops and tried on countless dresses before I found the one that I couldn’t leave behind, a Monsoon beauty (and none of the ones I’ve swooned over online, which just goes to show how important it can be to see/try on items in the flesh!) with the added bonus of a detachable belt. I’m not going to show you until I wear it, but I’m very excited about its first outing: also how well it goes with my seldom worn Topshop blue suede ribbon-tie heels…

Having splashed out on the dress, I found myself nipping into a neighbouring charity shop, just on the off-chance something might catch my eye. There I found a pink straw hat that matches the dress EXACTLY!

Lady luck was certainly smiling on me!

The rest of the weekend was spent in enjoying the sunshine, a successful ceilidh with much dashing, waltzing and spinning about, and taking my Mum out for Mother’s Day lunch. It feels like spring is truly here now, and I’m looking forward to a fantastic summer this year, complete with historical visits and day trips galore… I’ll leave you with a couple of spring sunshine pics to whet your appetite!


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