Wishful dressing

Yes, I wore a sundress today. And yes, it poured with rain all day. But I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thought – even when it flies in the face of the British climate…

I love this dress. I got it in a charity shop late last summer, and only managed to give it one outing before the weather changed for the worst. It has a ruched and boned bodice with a faux button fastening. It has a full, midi-length skirt that feels very ladylike and billowy. And it has HUGE pockets. One should never underestimate the usefulness of pockets!

In other news, I’m still working hard at putting some of my stash to use before I take on any new projects this year. Last night I sewed a new cover for one of my tattier-looking hot oaties (the microwaveable alternative to the hot water bottle) and a shoe bag for my Scottish Country Dancing shoes. I have plans to make a few new sundresses for the summer, and, naturally, to finish the maxi dress I began last Spring. If I can persuade Mummy to visit and help fit the bodice pleats for me…

Overall, I’ve got a proper spring-cleaning bug just now. I’ve sent several bin bags of stuff to the charity shop already, and am planning on tackling my paper-crafting stash very shortly too. It’s nice, and my flat is starting to look like a living space again, rather than a junk shop. I just need to remember not to buy more to replace what I’ve got rid of!


2 thoughts on “Wishful dressing

  1. HI, I was wondering if I could ask a question.

    How did you make your oat bag? We had a wheat bag, which we, for some reason, left in the fridge. Well it was left in the fridge for so long against the back wall that it got too wet and rotted so I want to replace it, but I would rather make one myself.

    Could you give me any advice about making one?


    • Hi Caroline,

      I’m afraid I’m not an expert – this was the innards of a bought oatie from ages ago, just recycled. I hear cheap rice also makes for a really good filling. This looks a good tutorial:


      I have a gorgeous one in a sheepskin bunny which is filled with cherry stones, but unless you’ve a cherry tree in the garden and are prepared to wait until after next year’s harvest I guess that’s not the best option.


      (Although I am now thinking I might collect up the stones from any cherries I eat this summer!)

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