Dumb and Darwin

The sun came out today, and the temperature hit highs of 22C. So, having worn sundresses all week, I naturally chose NOT to wear one today! The joys of dressing before the sun has risen…

On the radio this morning they were talking about stupid things people had done in their lives. Some of the stories and anecdotes made me cringe, from licking the Scalextric track to see what would happen to holding the spark plugs while revving a motorbike, and reminded me of the very special moment I had while microwaving a monkey

In less Darwin Award-worthy news, I’ve been attacking the stash again, this time using up my ends of wool to crochet dish cloths and scrubbies.

I found some great, simple tutorials for classic dish cloths and scrubbies like this one, and then moved on to look at scrubbies using recycled materials including old tights, net produce bags (or excess tulle/netting) and plastic carrier bags.

My growing stash scrubbies stash!

Right: I’m off to show my lovely sew make believe ladies how to decorate cupcakes…


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