Service to make you smile

Having found myself with a bit of extra cash this month I decided it was high time I filled the essential gaps in my spring/summer wardrobe. This meant splashing the cash on a couple of lightweight cardigans and stocking up on lower denier hold-up and long socks. For the former I ordered from New Look, my first order with them, and I was impressed with the resulting service: I requested Thursday for my delivery, with a eta of between 7am and 5.30pm. This morning I received a text message telling me it would be with me between 12 and 3 – an unexpected extra I thought a great idea! If I had been going out, I’d have known not to go then!

My hold-ups were ordered from UK Tights. And this is where I was really impressed. I opened the channels of communication immediately, tweeting to ask if they had any discount codes doing the rounds just now. I didn’t get a reply before checking out, but received one shortly afterwards with another code ready for my next shop. Later in the day a tweet came through saying my order had just popped up in the system, was being processed, and complimenting my choices!

These tweets, for the record, were all on top of the standard emails conforming my order, dispatch, etc. They just gave the whole experience a more personal feel.

This morning my tights arrived, packed neatly in a box, less than 24 hours after my order. I was impressed, and tweeted to tell them as such. And then I realised that the blue OTKs I had ordered had arrived in hot pink…

I tweeted explaining and asking about the exchange process. Within a 20 minute period I had had my order checked, and the UK Tights social media rep had tweeted to say the correct colour would be in the post to me today, with another discount code. On asking where I should return the wrong tights I was told to keep them “with our compliments”. Despite the fact that they had, in fact, got my order wrong, I came away from the whole thing feeling really positive about the company, and in no doubt that they would be my first choice in the future.

Thanks, UK Tights!


2 thoughts on “Service to make you smile

  1. That is good service! Either Schuh or Office (or possibly both) do the text thing and I also thought it was a great idea.
    And bonus for getting to keep both pairs of hold ups!
    I really like the colour of your cardigan in that photo by the way.

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