Ethel & Tara

Friday’s post, put on hold to give the Shoeperwoman post greater exposure.

Last night I caught a train out to Dapper’s as usual in order to go dancing. But rather than go straight back to his for pre-dancing dinner, we nipped into Solihull to check out the Aspire sale preview evening. And I came away with a lovely new dress, The Ethel by Vintage Allure.

Roisin and Amber both have this dress too, and I think I agree with Roisin that the beauty of the design lies in the details – the buttons up the side and the sweetheart neckline. I bought the 16, so it is less skintight that my Fever Delilah dress, making it far more appropriate for the office. So I wore it today! There’s nothing more encouraging than when colleagues approach you to discuss a work matter, stop in their tracks and start the conversation with “First of all, you look amazing today…” In fact, a variation of this opener happened three times this morning, so by lunchtime I was feeling pretty good, and the Ethel had definitely earned its “half-off” sales price!

The other dress that I had been hoping to try was only available in Solihull in an 8 or an 18, so I thought I’d try my luck in the Warwick or Oxford branches instead.At 3.30pm I called the Oxford branch to ask whether they had it in store in a 14. They called me back within minutes to say it was behind the counter for me. 40 minutes later I jumped off the bus, waltzed in and bought my lovely Tar Starlet dress! That makes two for the price of one – a definite bargain in my books!


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