Birthdays & Castles & Sunshine – oh my!

What a delightful weekend I have just enjoyed! On Friday night was Carys’ birthday dinner and drinks, for which I wore my new Tara Starlet dress, and the pink seamed Jonathan Aston hold ups I had bought from UK Tights. We had a delicious meal followed by drinks at our usual haunt, and I think it’s fair to say a fantastic time was had by all!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and put Dapper & I in the mood for a spot of day-tripping. Not having planned an early start, we decided a local establishment would be a good idea, and so nipped out Kenilworth way for the castle.

It’s a fantastic and enormous grounds, which include various buildings and some rather lovely Elizabethan gardens.

The castle was home to Robert Dudley, favourite of Queen Elizabeth I, and the gardens were designed to persuade her to consider marrying him. She never did marry, famously becoming our “virgin queen”, and the Dudleys never produced a legitimate heir. Instead the castle passed to Robert’s illegitimate son, a Douglas: so I reckon our family could have some really distant claim if we looked hard enough… šŸ˜€

The gatehouse was closing for a wedding in the afternoon, so we stopped there first.

While looking around we heard a little girl say “Look, Mummy, it’s a princess!” and turned hoping to catch a glimpse of the bride. But as we did so, we realised the little girl was looking at me, and her mum confirmed, telling me “She thinks you’re a princess because of your hair and dress.” I must confess that she made my day!

The most amazing thing about the entire trip was the weather – we could easily have been in southern Europe, and the sky was pure azure blue – utterly stunning!

On Saturday night we had yet another evening of dancing, which was much fun, as always. Then Sunday rolled around and was spent in total relaxation – lying on the grass reading with the dogs, a lovely walk, then dinner in front of our latest box set, Deadwood.

A most satisfactory and delightful weekend on all accounts!


4 thoughts on “Birthdays & Castles & Sunshine – oh my!

  1. A fantastic time was definitely had by all! I had a lovely birthday, and felt very loved and spoiled šŸ™‚

    I love that the little girl thought you were a princess – and as little kids have a tendency towards honesty that can sometimes verge on being brutal, I think that the compliment is even better!

    • I’m glad to hear you felt loved and spoiled – quite deservedly so too! šŸ˜€

      I can remember one of my Mum’s nursery children telling me I was pretty when my self-esteem was at a particularly low point, and her pointing out to me that words “from the mouth of babes” are not loaded, not manipulative, have no hidden agenda – are just honest. Always nice to remember! šŸ™‚

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