Last night I went to watch Dapper ballroom dance, and learned a few basic cha-cha steps myself. It was lovely to watch the class dancing, but even lovelier to watch the demonstration dancers, two 11 year olds who are off to the national championships next week…

The little girl was a delightful dancer, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the lad. He was amazing – such precision, such energy, and looking for all the world like it came as naturally to him as breathing to you or I. I can’t help but admire the clear dedication these children show – I have never put such boundless effort into anything in my life!


One thought on “Dedication

  1. This is why I wish I’d kept up ballet classes when I was a kid – they make it look so easy, but you know it takes so much work!

    On another note, that dress is fabulous on you, the colour is just gorgeous!

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