The daily grind

Ugh. I’d forgotten what 5.30am looks like. I’m still not a fan…

As I walked to the station in the bright sunshine this morning I could see my breath ahead of me. It always makes for a strange juxtaposition, these warm early summer days combined with still-cold nights and mornings – very difficult to dress for, I’m sure you’ll agree!

One thing did bring a smile to my face though, and that was when, glancing down one of the side terraces that neighbour my street, I saw the rows of bunting clearly left up from last Friday’s Royal Wedding party. I had a delightful time on Friday, from the early start to get food prepared with Dapper’s Mum to watching the event itself over a glass of champagne… and the hall looked lovely, decorated up for the event. A part of me would still have liked to indulge in jelly and ice-cream from a paper bowl at a street party though – just for nostalgia’s sake! Either way, for my part, Friday was a day I won’t forget in a hurry!


4 thoughts on “The daily grind

    • I made it!!! And having read your post about how pleasing it is when someone compliments you on something you’ve made, I know you’ll now know how happy your comment just made me! 😀

      (P.S. Was very impressed with your frock too – but work are monitoring our internet usage now, making commenting a bit of a pain…) x

  1. I love that fabric *so* much! And I don’t think 5.30am is a good time even if you’re going away on holiday to be honest, it’s just that little bit too early!

    • I love the fabric too – a definte bargain at £2 for the lot! But I think the dress would look best with a big pufy net petticoat underneath!

      Looking forward to seeing your V0fH purchases!! 😀

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