Day 2, Part 1: Edinburgh, Galashiels & Melrose Abbey

We awoke on Good Friday slightly the worse for wear, but delighted to be bang-smack in the middle of Edinburgh. After checking out of the hellish hotel, we wandered the delightful streets of the Old Town for a while, visiting the Aladdin’s Cave that is Cabaret Antiques, where I purchased a lovely silver brooch and the proprietor gifted us the book of Scottish Country dances we were perusing out of sheer generosity! We also discovered Lady Jojo’s boutique, where I was able to purchased What Katie Did stockings at £5 a pair! I also spotted a few dresses I’ve my beady eye on, should we return any time soon…

We left Edinburgh before lunch, and headed into the Borders. We stopped off in Galashiels for a bite to eat at T 4 2, a delightful little tea room with knitted cup cakes and tea pots in the window, where the tea was served on mismatched China in generous family-sized tea pots, and where Dapper’s stovies were delicious enough to inspire him to google the recipe on our return home!

After lunch we drove on into the Borders. Looking to my left I spotted Melrose Abbey and within minutes we were parking up, making an unscheduled stop for an historical visit…

You know by now how much I love ruins. So I’m just going to let the photos do most of the talking here…

Yes, that is a bagpipe-playing pig. Because I know you were wondering…

Alongside the bagpiping-piglet, Melrose Abbey is famous for being the resting place of the heart of King Robert the Bruce. After Robert’s death in 1329 his body was buried, but his heart was taken on the Crusades by the Black Douglas, as per his wishes. It was returned to the Abbey and buried there in the 1330s in a double casket. This was excavated in 1921, but remained unopened and was reburied in an unmarked location. It was found again in 1996, when archeaologists were finally able to identify the contents as a human heart of the appropriate age. The casket was reburied in 1998 in new casings.

After Melrose we decided we might like to find somewhere to stay over, and driving through St Boswells we spotted the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. They had a room, and after a quick inspection (we had learned our lesson!) we decided to take it. We were then able to change into more casual gear before hitting the road once again…


2 thoughts on “Day 2, Part 1: Edinburgh, Galashiels & Melrose Abbey

  1. I LOVE Edinburgh. Of course it has the fond memories of me and Hubby getting married there, but aside from that, what’s not to love. Did you get to check out the many millions of vintage shops in the old town? x

    • What a beautiful setting for your wedding – lovely!

      Not all were open, being bank holiday weekend, but having worked in Edinburgh whilst doing my masters, and having friends who live there, I’m well acquainted. I LOVE Edinburgh – we used to go up for the Fringe with my family when I was a teenager, and I’ve been up with the girls for long weekends on occasion too… Wonderful city! x

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