Girl in curls

I awoke to bright sunshine today, which always makes getting out of bed that little bit easier. It also felt like a good day to get my beloved green George sundress out of storage. I had forgotten about this dress until I spotted Amber wearing it last week, and thought, “Oooh yes – I has that too!”

Yesterday afternoon, Carys came around to play with my hair. I love having people brush, stroke and generally “do” my hair, and she was looking for someone to practice styling on, so it turned out to be a win-win situation.

I was really happy with all the styles she tried, though I have never known my hair hold ringlets quite so effectively. If I find myself with an occasion to go to I may well be asking for her styling expertise…

Not to be left out, Dapper also had his hair done: a far more professional buzz-cut than I usually manage. So everyone was happy


9 thoughts on “Girl in curls

  1. Such beautiful, glossy hair. Would you post your care regime, I’m interested in how you manage to keep your hair so healthy looking?

    • Errm, I don’t really have one! Wash/condition with Pantene every other day, avoid blow-drying as often as possible… I’m just very very lucky!

      Oooh, my top tip has to be my Maison & Pearson hair brush – Had it since I was tiny and I swear it makes all the difference! 🙂

      • Ah, I’m a slave to my hair dryer, so thats prob where I’m going wrong.

        Agree good tools make a diference.

  2. Heee! I am very, very happy with all of these pics 🙂 In all seriousness, if you do ever want your hair done – special occasion, fun, you name it – I will happily do it, it’s all good experience as far as I’m concerned. I had such a lovely time, thankyou again xxx

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