May Day weekend

Unusually enough we had fantastic May Day weather this year. Having vowed never to let myself get sunburned again, I decided it was therefore a great opportunity to start using my parasol… even if it was only to trot about and read my book in the grounds!

Carrying a parasol, like wearing a hat, is one of those things that takes a couple of outings to get used to, but quickly becomes second nature. The funniest moment came when walking back up the lane from taking pictures of the bluebells at a nearby beauty spot, when a woman out walking with her daughters stopped dead in her tracks and pointed unashamedly at me, grabbing at her daughters as she did so. I can’t decide whether she thought she was seeing a ghost or walking into some sort of role-playing situation!


12 thoughts on “May Day weekend

  1. I love it! My mum carried a parasol last summer as she has a sun-sensitivity – it brings her out in a rash. They look so pretty! They do seem to attract odd attention though – when she was on holiday in Paris some mad woman started screaming at her in the street (in French) – what is it about a parasol that turns people crazy?

    • I think they look fab, and fulfil a purpose too – what more can you ask for? But they definitely bring out the crazy – no doubt I’ll have plenty of tales to tell when I start taking mine out in public! Still, whenever crazy people start shouting at me – in any language at all – I shall grit my teeth and think of your Mum for strength… 😀

      • People can be such dicks. Like, if they don’t want to carry a parasol themselves then fine, but where is the need to heckle someone who does? I will never understand this. Anyway, I agree with Louise, you look fab in these photos x

  2. You look very pretty in the photos. The parasol is lovely, is it a 2nd hand find? I wear large floppy sun hats all the time and get odd looks. I might seek out a lovely sun shade like yours and brave an outing with it. At the very least I could sit in my garden and feel absolutely fabulous with it!

    I’ve taken to giving passers by compliments if I find an accessory, outfit, look, pleasing. Its my own anti heckle crusade.

    • Thank you Sharnek! The parasol wasn’t a secondhand find – this was actually a birthday present from Lauren of A Typical Atypical blog. I believe she got it in Malta (?? might be wrong…) having seen my blog post about wanting one. I have also got a black one, which I bought via ebay though.

      As for complimenting passers-by, I agree whole-heartedly! I try to tell someone if they look nice, even if it scares the heck out of them – and Dapper and I garner so many compliments from strangers on a weekend (most common: “You two look lovely – are you going to a wedding?”), we know how lovely it feels! 😀

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