Aspire Solihull and the Fever Tonga sundress!

I have been craving the Fever Tonga sundress since I first spotted it on the Aspire website in the new SS11 collection. So when I saw the enewsletter inviting me along so the Solihull branch pamper party last Thursday I knew I’d be trying it on – and potentially taking advantage of the discount, if it fitted well enough…

Goody bag!

I love all the Aspire stores, each with their own unique vibe, but I feel attached to the light and airy Solihull branch, I think because I was invited to blog the launch. It’s a more spacious shop than some of the others, making it easier in some ways to see the merchandise, and compensating to a degree for the loss of Stratford’s low-beamed charm or Oxford’s cluttered-boudoir appeal. I’ve always found the staff to be very helpful and friendly, and Thursday night was no exception – as I sipped my complimentary fizz (topped up while I blinked, it seemed!) each dress I pulled from the rails was swept away into the fitting rooms to save me dragging it around, and Laura (an Aspire Girl) loitered in an inconspicuous way to offer honest advice and opinions…

I was delighted to find that the Tonga sundress fit like a dream. The colours, which I was afraid might prove garish, suited my skintone, and unlike a lot of modern styles, it wasn’t too short. The range of tones in the pattern also make for a whole plethora of outfits – at the pub on Friday night (top) I picked out the red tones, but it would work just as well with blues, greens, yellows and, as below, pinks! And it would work for any occasion, from shopping (below again), via the pub (top again) to a wedding (as worn by Aspire’s Catie over the weekend I believe!). Which makes for a versatile dress, and therefore something of a bargain…

And you know I love a bargain!


12 thoughts on “Aspire Solihull and the Fever Tonga sundress!

  1. It looked amazing on Friday night, and it also looks great dressed down!

    (I’m wearing my Atlantis dress today with the newly attached straps! Lady, you’re an inspiration!)

  2. it looks amazing on you, and teaming it with the red petticoat is a completey inspired (or aspired hehe) idea! very classy.

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