Saturday in Caroline’s kitchen

Yup, last Saturday I made another batch of chilli jam. I had received a few requests and it seemed about time to get my hands good and spicy once again. Chilli jam is sweet and sticky, flavoursome, with a bit of an afterkick: the heat doesn’t hit until you’ve swallowed!

I also attempted my first homemade pizza bases. I’m not going to lie, they weren’t great. I had some spelt flour that needed using up, and so attempted to make a dough without an actual recipe. It came out rather heavier than I’d have liked, not unlike the pizzas we used to get at school. But my topping – prawns, asparagus, a philadelphia and blue cheese base and a sprinkling of pecorino on top – was very tasty!

Of course this means I’ll have to practice – and probably get out my Jamie’s Italy for inspiration and advice!


16 thoughts on “Saturday in Caroline’s kitchen

  1. I love making my own pizza bases, I do it in the bread maker so it is really easy.
    I have been using your chilli jam a lot lately, it is so yummy!

  2. Oooh I don’t suppose there is any going spare?! I will pay you good money for it since it is so delicious!!! If not, no worries… 🙂

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