Wishlist: Coast dresses

Marseilles, £175 and Bardot, £220

Coast do make decidedly beautiful clothes, it’s true, but to me there’s something very ‘typical’ about many of their pieces. Although ideal for the wedding season, there’s never any guarantee that you won’t turn up to a reception dressed identically to several other guests. As someone who likes to stand out rather than blend in, that fact can turn me off the majority of their collection.

And then, just occasionally, they produce something spectacularly divine, something that causes a twinge of pain in my chest as I realise that I will under no circumstances be able to afford it before the season’s end, when it disappears out of my life forever…

This year they’ve managed that twice, once with the Marseilles, once with the Bardot. If I had to choose one, the Bardot would win – the pleat detailing on the bust just pips Marseilles to the post. But £400 would buy both for me, with change…

Any offers?


One thought on “Wishlist: Coast dresses

  1. Oh god. They are just*stunning*. Both of them. The pleating….the pale pink….the waist cinching panels…just gorgeous.

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