Still here…

Friday’s outfit shot

So, the world didn’t end on Saturday. Which is just as well, as I know several people who would have missed out on birthdays this week if it had. Just saying…

Dapper and I spent the day in travelling, then visiting my friend Simon and his lovely lady and baby for his 30th birthday barbecue. The rain just held off – a few spots here and there, but no actual downpours – and we all huddled into the gazebo for warmth, allowing us to put two fingers up at the weather in true British style. Because we Brits don’t care what the weather is actually doing: if it’s supposed to be summer we will barbecue!

We didn’t stay late at Simon’s as we were back out again on Sunday morning to attend my nephew’s baptism in Stone. Oliver Paul was baptised in the same church my sister got married in, St Saviour’s in Aston-by-Stone. It’s a very picturesque church in a lovely setting, very light and airy and with the most wonderful ceiling. The apse has beautiful sky blue ceiling panels with gold stars, whilst the nave has midnight blue panels, also featuring gold stars.


It was lovely to see the family again, and in far cheerier circumstances than last time. I sadly missed out on baby cuddles with the boy of the moment being so popular and all, so will have to put in another visit relatively soon to make up for it!


2 thoughts on “Still here…

    • Heee – no, there is me and my two brothers, but both my parents are remarried, so there’s also my (step) sister and two older and another younger (step) brothers! Seven in total (myself included). xx

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