New lengths

A few weeks back I wrote a post about the midi skirt for The Fashion Police. Then, flicking through my stash of 1970s Golden Hands magazines on Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice this fabulous page about how to wear the “new length”, midi skirts.

Their advice on wearing this particular look is:

Here it is – the length to give a longer, more elegant you. The look encompasses higher, firmer waists, shorter jackets, neater heads, all worn with boots or high vamped shoes and matching stockings.

1) Make a pinafore dress, high waisted and flaring to wear over a knitted sweater. Or with inset knit collar and sleeves.

2) Pick subtle fabrics for a soft body-shaped dress with contrasting top and belt.

3) Team a long, high-waisted midi dress in plain fabric with contrasting embroidered or velvet appliqued jacket.

4) Choose a plain style for a slightly flaring tube dress in strong geometric fabric. Add features like decoratively contrasting suede tab opening and cuffs.

If you have a waist, define it with a tight bodice, wide belt, pleated skirt. Once again, add strips of contrasting leather, suede or braid on bodice, sleeves, belt and scarf.

All of which still holds true today! I think it’s a particularly elegant look myself… but then anything that covers my knees is a winner in my book anyway!


2 thoughts on “New lengths

  1. I really like midi lenght skirts / dresses with boots in the winter. It is prob my uniform and nothing beats it for comfort and warmth. However, midi is not a lenght I wear a lot of in the summer, but I working on that.

    • I find it very easy to wear in summer as I’m less worried about flashing with below-the-knee lengths. I do think the midi needs a high heel, though, which makes it better suited to autumn fashions. 🙂

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