Storecupboard magic: chilli creamy pasta

A few of my lucky (?) readers own jars of my chilli jam, and several of you make your own, so I’m sharing this store cupboard recipe on the off-chance you too find yourselves late home someday, and with nothing in for supper…

On Monday night I ended up stuck in the office until 7pm. Naturally it followed that I didn’t get home until 8pm, and my planned gastronomic delights (read: oven-baked potato) would give me a painfully late dinner time of well after 9pm… I was too hungry to wait, not to mention desirous of an early night.

And so it was that I raided the cupboard for emergency rations. I’d failed to replenish my empty jar of pesto. I’d also failed to replace my used cans of tinned tomatoes and cartons of passata. I had pasta, which I set to boil, but what to eat with it?

In the fridge I found half a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese and some slightly wrinkly-looking cherry toms. I halved the toms and put in a pan with a slug of water from the kettle. To these, I added a teaspoon of dried oregano, salt and black pepper, a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and a good tablespoon of chilli jam. I softened this down to a thin sauce, then stirred in the Philly.

This all came together in pretty much exactly the time it took the pasta to cook – about 11 minutes. Cooking for such a short length of time leaves the tomatoes a good texture – warmed through, cooked on the outside, but still holding their shape.

I failed to take a photo before wolfing the majority of the dish (and all the tomatoes!), but boy, was I delighted to find I had enough leftover for lunches – hence the crappy tuppaware shot! It’s an utterly delicious dish, ready in 15 minutes – what more can you ask for?


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