I fear the claw cometh…

As a result of a return to obsessive form thanks to last week’s crochet workshop, I have discovered the Crochet Me website, and have a wishlist of patterns as long as my arm. These are immediately downloadable on purchase and come in around the $5.50 mark, which converts to roughly £3.50 of my hard-earned cash. They accept PayPal too, so I already have plans for the next few £4 survey incentives I earn via the Pinecone Research panel…

At the workshop we learned to read a pattern, and being the stubborn sort, whilst everyone else abandoned the idea of making a scarf in favour of a bookmark, I resolutely stuck to my 300 chain length. But now, having completed the pattern and realised I have no use for a scarf in this particular colour combination, I am instead planning on continuing with my stripes to make a blanket! This mindless ativity keeps me occupied on the commute, and as I seem to manage roughly 6 rows per day, should give me a 300 stitch square blanket within a couple of months. So, just in time for the heat of August then…

My pattern-reading confidence having grown, I have already downloaded a relatively simple-looking shrug pattern, built on a base of delicate granny squares with which I feel relatively safe now. This is a transitional piece, as I fully intend to progress from my current obsession with shawls to cardigans in the near future.

My wrist has already begun to cramp and click, but crochet is just such a rewarding hobby!


3 thoughts on “I fear the claw cometh…

  1. Crochet is a lovely past time and know the claw feeling well from my last attempts at making baby booties for my twin daughters. (a project way to advanced for my basic skills.)

    I’ve just bought “Crochet in no time” from the book people. I fear the pretty bags and evening jackets are beyond my basic skills, but I’ve spied an easyish project that I can’t wait to start.

  2. Sorry, did you say ‘heat of August’? You didn’t get the memo then, we had our heat in April, August isn’t happening, better get stitching. X

  3. I got my hook out again today (Saturday) and am continuing with a blanket for my little girl, my first to be made of many small(ish) squares. Although, it’s not as fancy as the squares in Zoe’s pretty one!
    I’m all addicted to crochet again now too! We’ll have to shake claws instead of hands next time we meet up. Damn you sew make believe and your crochet workshops – keep them coming! 😉

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