Fings-I-want Friday

Have you seen the Emily and Fin dresses as stocked now in Aspire?

Emily and Fin Gloria and Ella, £55 each from Aspire.

Divine! And with this weekend’s 15% bank holiday discount, under £50… I particularly love (and desire) the Ella – because it’s that little bit longer, which y’all know I like. Even if I have got my knees out today…


8 thoughts on “Fings-I-want Friday

  1. Oooh Emily and Fin dresses are just adorable. And how good is that discount?! I’ve just used it to buy myself the Vintage Allure Jailhouse dress, happy days! (Can you tell I got paid this morning?!)

    • I don’t get piad until Tuesday! 😦 Too late for the discount, typically enough – otherwise the Ella might be winging its way toward me already…

      Perhaps I’ll transfer the £46 I’ll save straight into my holiday savings to buy dresses in August instead! 🙂

      • Well normally these sales fall just before payday for me too, which is both a pain and a blessing, but we got paid today because we also have Tuesday off, so today is the last working day of the month for us.

        I have already bought two dresses (including the one from Aspire) I won’t even say that’s going to be it, but I will make a SINCERE effort 🙂

        • I want money to spend in August in Lady JoJo’s in Edinburgh – there were dresses in there that I swear were direct rip offs of some of Marilyn and Jane’s best outfits from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. So I guess with that in mind I should be grateful for the ill-timing. 😀

          Oh, and… I got the raspberry pink Atlantis via ebay last week, BNWT, for under £20!! So can’t really grumble…

  2. I was looking at the Gloria dress this morning. Love it. i really want the Fever Dita dress for graduation, and a job hopefully. And many many more dresses. The 15% off is definitely tempting me.

    • Ahh, I have still managed to avoid buying a Dita – although Dapper did approve when I tried it on, I’m in two minds about the snug fit. I do LOVE my Delilah though, and my Vintage Allure Ethel too…

      • I haven’t tried it on, but I am slightly concerned about the snug fit too. But it’s so pretty. Unfortunately the nice blue in the sale is not in my size though. The Ethel dress is stunning too!

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