A rare review: Estee Lauder DayWear moisturiser

I don’t usually write about beauty products on here. This is because, frankly, I have a “routine” of make-up, stuff I wear in the day (concealer, blusher, perhaps a little Benetint on my lips… yup, that’s your lot!) and stuff I wear for a night out (the above PLUS Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Max Factor mascara and a vibrant red lippy of postbox-toned dimensions…). I start every day with a moisturiser with SPF 15, and try to remember to remove my make-up after a night out, usually with the aid of petroleum jelly. And That Is It.

I started using a daily moisturiser in my teens, when I first noticed my skin feeling tight and tingly after washing it every morning. As such, my early moisturisers were all hand-me-downs from my Mum and Gran. Often, they were free samples that came in the exciting “Gift Time” make-up bag from the counter in Beatties department store. Which is how I developed a rather expensive taste in Estee Lauder products, and especially for their DayWear SPF15 moisturiser.

I swear by Estee Lauder. It’s just a fact of life that their lipstick stays put longer than my much-beloved No7 in a similar shade. Their blusher comes in appropriately coral-gold tones for me and their concealer, as I discovered during a particularly nasty bout of impetigo over my 23rd birthday, is better than any I have ever tried.

As for their face cream – well, the odd blemish aside (and assuming you’re not insulted by freckles, which I find frankly ludicrous anyway, but am assured some people are…) my skin is pretty-darned-close to flawless. Sure, I get bags under my eyes like everyone, but largely because I survive on an average of 5 hours sleep a night. Still, I rarely bother with foundation but for the most special of occasions.

I’m regularly told how lucky I am to have such clear, English-rose skin. And I tell you now, that Estee Lauder must take some of the credit!

About 2 years ago now I found myself considerably worse off, financially, than I had been in some time. I was living alone for the first time ever. I was spending over £300 per month on the commute, and the resulting lack of free time, something I had never experienced before, left me unable to apply my usual eclectic shopping techniques to live within budget. I had to let a few luxuries slide, and my face cream turned out to be one of them.

“You’ve obviously got naturally good skin!” I convinced myself, “It’s good genes is all, and nothing to do with expensive skin creams…”

I tried several different cheapy moisturisers, but couldn’t find one that felt as nice against my skin. Still, even a cheap moisturiser was better than none, I told myself, liberally slapping £8-a-jar alternatives all over my face. (I got through enough £8 alternatives to have bought my £34 jar of EL, by the way, which proved if nothing else the false economy of buying cheap!) I tried all the top-rated high street brands, finding myself disappointed with Boots’ famous Protect and Perfect cream, and only fractionally impressed by Olay’s Total Effects Wake Up Wonder. Within 6 months my skin was looking tired, jaded, a little greyish-green around the gills…

And then I won the lottery got a tax rebate. And I decided to treat myself to replacement Estee Lauder products for everything I’d had to give up on. The lovely lady on the counter also gave me a fabulous sample bottle of Idealist to wear “under [my] foundation” (or in my case, to slap on as and when I fancy it) to even up my skintone. (Which, by the way, works pure magic!) Within 4 weeks my skin was looking healthier, smoother, glowing once again. Grimy and grey was replaced with firm and peachy – in short, it proved to me once and for all that some skin products are worth paying extra for.

Oh, and if none of this convinces you to at least request a free trial of DayWear next time you’re in Boots perhaps this will swing it: the moisturiser? Smells of fresh, sweet cucumbers.

Nuff sed, right?


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