Payday wishlist

Has this felt like a long month, financially speaking, to anyone else? I think it’s the double whammy of expensive bank holidays that did for me…

Either way, after pay day tomorrow I have a few purchases planned. There’s this:

Magenta crew neck cardigan, £18, Dorothy Perkins
– far more raspberry than magenta IRL

To be worn with my green dress (yup, pink and green – it works for rose bushes!) in order to pull together an outfit I can pair with my Primark floral-trimmed boater, bought on a whim at the start of May.

Having treated myself to the Fever Tonga Sundress, which lends so nicely to pink-toned shoes, I have decided to increase my collection… Of blue shoes. So something similar to these will be on the list too:

Blue canvas espadrilles, £15, Dorothy Perkins

Although I’d actually love these, if only I weren’t saving my pennies for holidays just now…

Lacrosse blue suede cross strap sandals, £75, Topshop

Am I the only person who plans their purchases based on future outfits? I’ve needed a red cardi for the longest time now, but can never find one I really like…

How about you? What will you be buying with your payday pennies this week?


4 thoughts on “Payday wishlist

  1. I was paid last week and unfortunately its been such long month that the majority was already spoken for. I do go on holiday soon though, so perhaps a little holiday treat will be in order.

    • Aren’t they pretty? But I don’t need them. If I don’t buy them, does that mean I can transfer £75 into my holiday dress fund without feeling guilty? 😀 xx

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