Secondhand shopping, or Goldilocks and the three dress sizes

Dapper and I made a point of doing as little as possible this weekend. We were both under the weather, fighting off head colds and the like, and not up to much of anyone else’s company. But we did venture into Knowle on Saturday morning, to visit the butcher, the green grocer and the charity shopping emporiums.

I picked up a few bargains, including this navy blue broderie anglaise button-through dress. I took it into the fitting rooms along with two other items, a size 12 top and skirt and a size 14 skirt. The size 14 skirt was too big. The size 12 outfit was too small. And this size 10 dress was just right.

Dancing with the dog – I couldn’t have staged this photo if I had tried!

Outside one charity shop was a stand full of long-handled umbrellas at £3 each. I almost swooned when I saw this gorgeous black one, new with tags and the plastic protector still over the tassle. I just love the parasol shape.

I also found a couple of books – a folio edition of one of my absolute favourites, The Name of the Rose, and a wonderfully-kitsch-covered biography of Queen Elizabeth II by Richard Dimbleby – David’s brother – which I frankly just want to frame!

I arrived home feeling more than a little happy with my haul! As you can no doubt tell by the sheer number of umbrella/new frock photos I posed for…

Incidentally, I’m wearing the new dress today. So you can expect one more shot before the day it out!


11 thoughts on “Secondhand shopping, or Goldilocks and the three dress sizes

    • It’s really hit ‘n’ miss to be honest – Saturday was a good ‘un I guess. There are only a couple (literally) of charity shops, and an Oxfam books, which always has something for us. This just happened to be one of those weekends when I had to walk away from some stuff because there was so much I could have bought, but other occasions turn up nothing whatsoever! xx

    • But I should add, the French deli is worth a visit either way – their fig and fennel bread is to die for. And the butchers is wonderful for sausages and makes amazing black pudding! x

  1. Hellloooo,

    If you are near that shop again and they have some more of those gorgeous brollies, I would really dearly love one. I would reimburse any charges and give a little bit of money on top for your time.

    You look exquisite.

    C xx

    • Hi Caroline!

      I will keep my eyes peeled, although the other umbrellas in the stand were not nearly as gaothic or pretty as this one. Still, if I see one I’ll send it your way! 🙂

      And thank you!


    • Hehe – I swear I couldn’t have caught Bess mid jump if I’d tried! I had the timer set to take three pics, Dapper let her out and she just had to come over and say hi! 😀

  2. I am SO very jealous of the brolly! Gothic parasol syle to die for! I love it as much as you look like you do, which is a lot obviously. You rock that retro goth look xxx

    • Wait until you’ve read Soulless – the series is called the “Parasol Protectorate”! I think it may be Gail Carriger’s fault that I’m living out a parasol obsession this summer to be honest…

      Your picture has made me want to pair it with my Victorian mourning dress, or perhaps my corset… I need a bustle skirt! 🙂


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