Budget Betty

Gold Floral Print Party Dress, £19.99 from T K Maxx

Fancy doing the Betty Draper thang on a budget? Roisin put me on to the fact that T K Maxx now stock Fever dresses, and I couldn’t help but share with you the beauty of this gold number. It’s Betty Draper to a T… K… You know where this is going!


7 thoughts on “Budget Betty

  1. Nabbed this in Clapham store on Friday (already have it in pink and adore it) and ordered the Deliah in cream and sand from the website last night. Will probably be far too pale on me, but I’ll risk it because after seeing the grey on you, I’ve been keeping my eye out for one in the sale. Fever dresses are like crack, aren’t they?

    I tried to Neopolitan but it was tight on the hips and HUGE on the waist. Sad face 😦

    • I ordered the cream/sand Delilah yesterday too! Said to Roisin it’ll probs be too pale on me, but reckon I can rectify that with a red cardi and accessories!

      I have the tight hips/saggy waist problem a lot to be honest – fabric has to be exactly right to make it work. That’s what stopped me buying a Dita too, and a Claudia at the last discount evening… 🙂

      • Their shift dresses do run tight on the hips, I think 😦 And smaller in the bust than I would like. But yes, Gemma – like crack. This is why I have an embarrasing amount of the bleeders in my wardrobe!

        • My Delilah arrived this afternoon! Haven’t tried it on yet, but I quite like the colours IRL – nice warm golden tones.

          I tried the purple too, and Dapper heartily approved, but I just didn’t feel… right, in it!

          Will let you know about Delilah.

        • Oh boo – it doesn’t fit nearly as nicely! The lining is a silky fabric, so the top layer ruches up, the skirt itself is shorter than in mine and falls at my least flattering point, and the zip is in the back rather than the side, which changes the shape slightly. A bit disappointed tbh. 😦

          I hope yours is a better fit hon! xx

  2. Mine came yesterday – the colours are nicer than I expected on, and the fit’s actually pretty good though you’re right about the lining. I could do with shortening the straps too, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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