Pesto potato

On a recent storecupboard stock-up trip to the supermarket I treated myself to some Jamie Oliver pesto. Pasta-and-Pesto is a staple high-speed dinner in my wee flat, but I must confess to buying supermarket own-brand pesto, largely in order that I don’t feel too guilty when it develops a whitish fur in between uses, and winds up going down the drain.

But on my last trip, Jamie’s pesto was on offer, and actually came in cheaper than the own-brand. I dutifully bagged a jar, and am now afraid I may have ruined myself forever.

Unlike smooth, oily own-brand pesto, Jamie’s comes with chunks of pine nuts and parmesan and real texture. The garlic assaults your senses as soon as you unscrew the lid, giving way to a herby freshness that I wouldn’t have thought possible from jar goods. So far, so good.

My relationship with pesto has always been a dull and unadventurous one. Sure, I may have occasionally dollopped a spoonful into a pasta sauce to add flavour, but for the most part it has been served stirred through fusilli, perhaps with a grating of hard cheese on top, and very little else! Then I saw an episode of Jamie’s dinners in which he used pesto as a dressing for fresh torn mozzarella, and the gears started turning…

Last night I had the most delicious, if simple, dinner. An oven-baked potato, split open and mashed with butter, served with generous dollops of pesto on top. Simple, but oh-my-god-satisfying!

And, it has inspired me to start making my own pesto! Any tried-and-tested recipe recommendations will be grateful received…


4 thoughts on “Pesto potato

  1. Looks like you won’t be having the whitish fur trouble in the future then, but just in case: This can be avoided if you add a thin layer of olive oil once the jar has been opened and top it up after every time you use it. I was so happy when I found out about this after years of throwing away half-full pesto jars, so I thought I’d share this with you. 🙂

  2. Oooh, oooh, I highly recommend the pasta dish I sent to your friend that was included in your birthday recipe book – pasta, pesto, bacon, mushroom, creme fraiche – with good pesto, it is amazing!

    Another good one – fresh tomato, mozzarella, pesto, little olive oil – mix together in a bowl, serve on toasted french bread. AMAZING.

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