Hubba Hubba & the day I fell in love with Veronica

Isn’t she beautiful?

A few months ago, Dapper and I took a Saturday out to visit a reenactment fair. Whilst there, Dapper spotted Vintage Life magazine and we instantly signed me up for a subscription. In my lovely first copy, which I took away that very day, I spotted an ad for Hubba Hubba.

Unfortunately, Hubba Hubba’s website launch had been delayed. I was disappointed to find that I could see nothing of their collection – but I could sign up for their facebook page.

And this was where I first saw Veronica. In black with that marvellous fitted waist, plunging neckline and long sleeves. A good length – not too short, and a decent fabric that would make her evening appropriate in the cold winter months.

Veronica, £140 – £165 from Hubba Hubba 

Like all Hubba Hubba’s designs, Veronica comes in a choice of colours (black or floral – I wants both!) and high street sizes, or for an extra £25 cost, can be made to measure. This is a stroke-of-genius offering, as so many of us struggle these days to find clothes that fit properly – it’s a complaint I hear more often than any other when it comes to women’s clothes off the rack!


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