A woman of letters

We had a bit of a mini-adventure at the weekend, which I’ll share with you in due course, but for now, here’s today’s outfit shot, also, in fact, what I wore for the pub quiz last night. (In case you’re wondering, we came a very middling 7th, with 86 1/2 out of 100. It seems neither geography nor sport are our strong subjects…)

Over on Meet Me At Mike’s last week I spotted a blog post about Pip’s reasons for loving long-term crafting projects. Reading her reasons reminded me of all the reasons I love to write letters to people – the idea that someone out there knows that you have taken the time out to sit down and put pen to paper with them in mind, that you have thought about them personally for a length of time, that every word was written especially for them. And it reminded me of a blog I started up a couple of years back and let fall by the wayside, Notes from a writing box.

I am a letter writer. I always have been. As a child I had penpals I had never met. I made friends on holiday then kept in touch via post. These were the days before email and facebook, the days of pen and ink.

I am still a letter writer. I write emails, and have a facebook profile and I Twitter. But I still write letters.

My favourite aspect of letter writing is the time lapse between popping that envelope in the post box and knowing it has arrived at its destination. There is nothing like going to bed knowing that your letter is winging its way across the country to arrive on the unexpecting recipient’s doormat next morning. Imagining their surprise when they receive something that isn’t a bill is so satisfying. Sometimes you receive something that isn’t a bill back, but that isn’t the point of the exercise. It’s about bringing a moment of happiness into someone’s life – or if not happiness, at least a moment’s pause. Reading a letter takes time. Personal letters force recipients to take some time out for themselves.

I would love to go back to this blog, chronicling the cards I have bought, made and sent. Right now I don’t have nearly enough time – indeed, my letter wrting has fallen right off and only the very luckiest few ever get a hand-written letter from me any more. But I know I’ll come back to it eventually, and when I do, I’ll pick up the blogging again. It may not be of interest to the wider world, but how nice to have a record of moments shared.


One thought on “A woman of letters

  1. What a wonderful idea for a blog! I must confess, I don’t do nearly the amount of card and letter writing that I perhaps should – I seem to exchange lengthy emails with the people with whom I used to exhange lengthy letters. The immediacy is nice, but… I do miss the joy of sending and receiving something through the post.

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