Claverley & beyond!

On Saturday we went to the Woodman at Claverley for a lunch in celebration of Aysu’s birthday. After a delicious meal comprising (in my case) fresh asparagus spears with hollandaise sauce, followed by liver, bacon, onion gravy and the tastiest chips I’ve had in an age, we went to Claverley village to see the church.

All Saints church dates back, at foundation level, to 1017:

The church interior is substantial and features a remarkable wall painting circa 1200 reminiscent of the Bayeux tapestry. There is also a frieze of mounted knights representing the conflict between seven Christian virtues and seven pagan vices which was discovered in 1902 when the colour wash removed. There are also fine timbered ceilings, good examples of stained glass andย a finely worked tomb with alabaster effigies of Sr. Robert Broke, his two wives, and 16 children. Record of gifts includes 8 shillings a year to awaken sleepers. Last performed using a fox’s brush on a pole!


This amazing and beautiful yew tree is over 2500 years old, rotten through the centre as ancient yews do, and growing outwards into the surrounding earth. Yew trees are literally eternal, renewing themselves from within, so they often feature split trunks with diseased centres.

After Claverley we drove home, stopping off so that Dapper could share one of his favourite local beauty spots. It was beautiful – the clouds, though threatening, had been spectacular all day.


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