One of *those* posts…

Inspired by a conversation with Cat on twitter yesterday, my lovely vintage St Michael’s dress with pockets!
And shoes I could walk in, as I had to catch the train today.

There’s a girl on my bus (yup – one of those!) who I clocked immediately when I began my daily commute in January 2010. She would get on the bus every day in town, hair in a plait, violin case or art folder in hand, pleated skirt on the knee and shoes sensible. She would sit downstairs, alone, trying not to notice the herd of young, colt-legged blonds flipping their long loose hair and casting disdainful looks in her general direction as they climb to the top deck. The pain would fleetingly cross her face, but I would recognise the desperate suppression of expression every single morning. My heart went out to her.

It’s worth stating that this girl is exquisite. She has one of those truly beautiful faces, not pretty with youth, but alive with expression. Long, dark lashes, glorious cheekbones and an intelligence without pretension or ego that shines from her eyes. She’s a natural beauty. But a geek.

Recently, as my bus travel has been less frequent, the gaps between my sightings have been wider. When I last saw her, last Friday, I could see a marked difference in her appearance. Her very long, dark hair was loose, showing off natural curls at the ends. Her two-shoulder rucksack had been replaced with a patchwork design shoulder bag, and her skirt and clumpy shoes with cigarette pants and brogues.  She still sat downstairs, alone, but it was clear that she was devloping a sense of identity, perhaps a little more self-confidence. It’s nice to see her developing into herself.

Still, I can’t help but want to give her a big hug and reassure her that it will get better. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but in a couple of years she’ll surely be the belle of the fresher’s ball!


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