Impact: small and simple

For some time now, we’ve been arriving at work at the simply ridiculous hour of 7.45am, and effectively working an hour’s overtime every day as Clare cannot leave until 4.45pm. The 5.30am starts, as you’re all aware, have been taking their toll. So Clare recently suggested we try a little experiment, testing the traffic half an hour later.

This week I’ve been getting up at 6am. The psycohological impact of this change is vast – while 5.30am seems like an unearthly hour to me, 6am seems almost reasonable. Whilst hitting the M40 at 6.40am seems like we should be heading to the airport, hitting the rush hour traffic at 7.10 just makes me feel like another rodent running the rat race. And whilst I resent being first into the office before 8am AND one of the later to leave at pushing on 5pm, arriving at 8.20 I feel almost late for work. After all, other people are already at their desks by then!

The overall difference this has made to my energy levels has been enormous. I’ve socialised twice already this week, seeing friends who were long overdue on two evenings of the four I have at home each week. And my body hasn’t taken the usual hit such activities provoke – I don’t feel ready to drop like I would have done a couple of weeks back. I actually feel – dare I say it – almost human.

It’s amazing what a difference 30 minutes can make. We often underestimate the power of “small”.


Writing this post reminded me of an excellent marketing video I saw recently. Penguin’s marketing team do create some marvellously simple, cheap, but effective campaigns, and this one did the rounds at Macmillan to great acclaim. Sometimes, simplicity is key:


2 thoughts on “Impact: small and simple

  1. Although not as extreme as your early starts, hubby usually drops me to work around 8am and doesn’t pick me up until between 5.30 and 6. I really resent all that additional time sat at my desk. X

  2. Ha ha ha ! Watched that all through expecting a chocolate biscuit at the end 😉 Should have known but you can see where my mind is! xxx

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