Weather permitting

Today’s sunny sundress – hoping the weather holds long enough for some of my proper “summer” dresses to get a look in this week!

Well, that was a rather disappointing weekend, at least to start with. Saturday’s sit ‘n’ sew in the grounds had to be cancelled thanks to the delightful rain deluge that had failed to stop falling since 7pm Friday night. Although it was thinning by 10am Saturday, the ground would have been far too soggy to sit upon, and picnics under grey skies are never particularly fun… So, the red flag went up, the texts went around, and we opted to reschedule. Good ol’ British summertime.

Of course, the good ol’ British summertime has a truly British sense of irony and, having ruined our plans for Saturday, hit us with a heat wave on Sunday. Dapper had been able to  get most of his marking done on Saturday anyway, so we were able to enjoy the heat with our books (currently reading: Lizzie Siddal: The Tragedy of a Pre-Raphaelite Supermodel by Lucinda Hawksely), opening all the doors and windows to get a through draft, and substituting outdoors for indoors when we got too warm. The day ended up at the hall, with roast chicken salad followed by strawberries, cream, ice-cream and chocolate sauce, served with tumblers of Pimms, in the kitchen garden. Which kinda made up for Saturday’s disappointment…

All’s well that ends well!


3 thoughts on “Weather permitting

  1. I love reading your blogs so please keep on posting. You are girl after my own heart I to love to be seen out in a great bargin from the local charity shop. Its great when you get comments from people asking “where did you get that ?” . Oh its something i have had for ages is my stock reply.


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