Summer girls

I love sunny summer days in the UK. They are so few and far between that the world and his wife take on an atmosphere of celebration, even on days when they have to work. Yes, we moan about it being too hot, too sticky, too bright, and any other “too” we can think of, but secretly we all feel like schoolchildren again, desperate for the end of the day when we can loosen our ties, untuck our shirts and free-wheel down the road to the park with our mates.

The sunshine also has a direct effect on the wardrobes of your average office girl. I spent much of yesterday complimenting my fellow colleagues on their sundresses. A handful of the girls at my place are very stylish, and used to my telling them how lovely they look, or how much I want their shoes/skirt/dress (sales and marketing are creative types, which often spills out into clothing), but the vast majority seem to live in a far less adventurous wardrobe of office staples, with accessories kept to a minimum and skirts seldom seen. Yesterday I saw knees wherever I looked – pencil skirts, dirndls, summer frocks… At one point I turned around in the kitchen to see two girls, one in a beige linen shift with her hair in a side plait, the other in a Prada-esque full-skirted, belted dress and cardi, hair up, nails painted… As I told them at the time, they both looked incredibly Mad Men, and I felt I’d stepped back in time…

It’s funny, because whilst I will wear dresses all year around and sundresses with gay abandon the minute the thermometer brushes double figures, I do have two dresses I won’t wear unless I have a free weekend day in the height of summer. It’s something about the base colour white that hits me as only applicable to the hottest of heatwaves. As such my monkey dress has not had anything like the exposure it deserves.

No matter, I am determined to find an opportunity to wear him this summer. Weather permitting, next Saturday shall be it.


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