What a difference a change makes…

I’m on fire this week. I have been run off my feet, work wise, and started the week slightly panicked as to how I would get it all done… but as per usual when I have unreasonable deadlines to meet, my internal overdrive has kicked in, and allowed me not only to meet deadlines, but to improve upon them. My workload has been such that I have been able to spot flaws in our existing processes and write whole new ones, setting up systems complete with new brief forms and procedure documents. Because, y’know, there’s nothing like making more work for yourself when you’re already drowning in content procurement…

There have been moments towards the end of the day, when I have lost my momentum a little – yesterday, for example, I reached that point of saturation whereby the sheer volume of thoughts was such that I’d think of something that needed doing, reach for a pen to make a note, and realise the thought had gone again before pen could touch paper. It’s the opposite of the exhaustion I have grown so used to experiencing, with drooping eyes and a nodding head refusing to co-operate during office hours. This is tiredness born of mental activity, not of lack of sleep, which is far more rewarding.

That 30 minutes extra in bed each morning – two glorious hours over the course of my four-day-early-start week – has made the most enormous change to my wellbeing. This week I am able to stop for a few moments without feeling my body trying to shut down. My eyes are no longer waiting for any opportunity to close, and my brain is no longer constantly nagging me to give it a break. Which sounds like a ridiculous improvement for so little investment, but goes to show just how much we need sleep. Our batteries need to recharge, no matter how strongly we feel we can push them that little bit further. Like a mobile phone – you can only turn it off and on again so many times before the last of the juice has dried up!

Above all, I feel awake. Things are clearer, brighter, than they’ve been in a long while. The last time I felt this way was following my holiday at Easter: a 10 day break that affected just over a week’s respite before the exhaustion took hold once again. That so little a change can prove so effective demonstrates just how far I have been failing to meet my body’s needs. This, in combination with exciting and conclusive conversations held over the weekend, has given me a long-overdue kick to get my life back into gear. And that kick has finally coincided with events that enable me to really let fly!


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