Pay Day shopping

Considering it’s a 30 day month, June has seemed a very long one, financially speaking. It might be because I’ve been extremely strict with myself, pouring spare pennies into my holiday fund wherever I can eek them out. Either way, when my salary hit my account today I knew some of it would be put to frivolous use.

At lunchtime I nipped to the shops with some particular pieces in mind. I wanted this cardigan from the Dorothy Perkins sale:

Which I had fallen in love with weeks ago, but refused to pay full price for. Considering the wear I get out of cardigans, I am horribly stingy when it comes to paying for them…But naturally, now that I’d made my mind up to pay the sale price, it was no longer in stock. So I ordered it online insetad.

I also wanted this skirt:

Spotted on a browsing trip one lunchtime in May. It’s not the kind of skirt I’d ever pick out of a line up, but when I saw it in store – and it looks so much nicer in the flesh than on a photograph – I fell for it. I often fall for clothing on a short-term basis and forget it as soon as the next pretty crosses my path, but this stayed on my mind. At £14 I didn’t think it would break the bank, and it is very different to anything I already own or would usually try.

I also wanted one of Matalan’s staple black cardis. I have one already, but black cardis are so hard to find in a decent shape and quality, that it seems worth the investment to buy two when I find one I like. Particularly at £10 a pop! Unfortunately, they only had sizes 18 and 22 left (but lots of them!). However, the very friendly and helpful girl on the fitting rooms assured me they would be getting more in as this particular style is one of their staples!


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