Flora, fauna and a 40 foot foe

My new skirt’s first outing, and I’m very pleased with the results! It’s lined, which is a must when it comes to pencil skirts as far as I’m concerned, and the fabric is sturdy enough to hold shape without being too clingy. Of course, as I was desk-bound all day it ended up horrendously creased down the front, but such are the occupational hazards of office life!

I had the most delightful weekend and have much to share with you… Forthcoming attractions include a post about our trip to Ludlow, plus separate posts divulging the vintage shopping joy that is the Ludlow Wear House, and a spotlight piece looking at she dresses green, one of the vendors therein. Sunday was punctuated with dog-walking, explorations into local flora and fauna, and lunch at the pub with Ben, and concluded with the marvelously appalling cheese-fest that is Jurassic Park III, which we enjoyed immensely. Largely because we spent much of the film poring over Dapper’s dinosaur books identifying various species and scoffing at the poetic license liberally applied to your average velociraptor’s proportions, and the rest exclaiming over the prospect of 30 inch dragonflies and 40 foot sea monsters!

Whilst you’re here, by the way, why not hop on over to sew make believe and take a look at the patchwork quilt close-up I promised you last Monday?! Better late than never! 😀


6 thoughts on “Flora, fauna and a 40 foot foe

  1. Is it wrong that on reading your hint at Ludlow Wear House hubby and I got stupidly excited? We wait with baited breath for your future posts. Xx

  2. I *love* Ludlow, so pretty, and easy to do as a day trip! Looking forward to hearing about the loveliness that is the Ludlow Wear House….

    • It’s a very preety place indeed, although crawling with people which made it a bit irritating at times… If I were queen of the world I’d throw everyone out before I went anywhere! 😀 xxx

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