Historical hot spots: medieval Ludlow and an almost castle

Ok, so there’s nothing almost about the castle. But from our perspective, it was a bit of an almost day – as we drove all the way out specifically for the castle visit, only to find the grounds closed for Shakespearean theatricals! Better luck next time, eh?!

The lack of castle didn’t detract from the joy of this medieval market town. The bustling crowds ruined many a photograph, but added something to the summer festival atmosphere that cannot be denied.

Even the visitors were in high spirits, several pausing to tell Dapper and I how smart we looked.

The town boasts a delightful mish-mash of shops, from vintage vendors to The Wool Shop, from the outdoor market to farmer’s produce hall, and both independent and secondhand bookshops. We purchased some local (Shropshire) honey and mead from one vendor, and Dapper bought me a basket for carrying my shopping in from a basket-weaver we were able to watch working the withies.

I also purchased a couple of Ladybird books about churches – as you know how much we love church visits – and a fantastic sewing book, full of useful tips and advice.

In the absence of the castle, I think the highlight of the day was undoubtedly The Wear House, which I will review in due course, as the vendors within were generous enough to let me take photos for you all! And with the castle having been closed, we have the perfect excuse to go back again! Only next time we’ll check the castle website first, just to be on the safe side…


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