Vintage spotlight: she dresses green

she dresses green is a small venture which runs from the top floor of  The Wear House. I was first drawn to the goods on show thanks to the combination of great repurposed fabrics and the fact that she sells proper bloomers with vintage lace trims, and net-edged cotton petticoats!

she dresses green is self described as “Anti-fashion fashion designed to be flatteringly whacky!”. As well as repurposed vintage fabric, off-cuts and linens, Theresa uses fair trade cottons to design dresses and skirts with ties, allowing you to alter the length and volume to suit your look.

Next time you’re in the Welsh Marches she dresses green at The Wear House is well-worth a visit, or check her out on facebook for more information.


4 thoughts on “Vintage spotlight: she dresses green

  1. I have joined Twitter just so I can follow you Caroline, so I must now take the opportunity to say thank you for your fab review, and great that the Wear House gets a mention too. As a fledgling Twitterer, I am still finding my way around, but great things/little acorns etc

  2. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for stopping by – I’m pleased you’re happy with my review! And twitter can be slow to start, but suddenly very addictive – so be careful! It is a great way to meet people though, and to grow your venture. My fellow sew make believe cofounder and I met on twitter, and as you say, from little acorns… 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll be stopping in again soon! C

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