Miss me much?

I know y’all missed me last week, as my views per post fell enormously, to almost half their usual numbers. I guess you’re not so keen on the scheduled posts, eh?

So, what of the conference? It was tiring. It was brain-addling at times. It was filling (full breakfasts, three course lunches, and proper dinners, interspersed with cookie-breaks – reckon I gained about a stone!). But above all, it was FUN! Surprising, I know, but as is regularly heralded, it is the people who make Macmillan what it is, and the people on our international sales team are a fantastic bunch. Whether it was the Polish team in afro wigs dancing to Brotherhood of Man, or the Central and South American reps shaking their booty to La Bamba on the karaoke, the Russian team serenading us with a traditional folk song or, best of all, Laila, Laura and Aniko giving Run DMC a run for their money with an a capella Its Tricky, everyone was on top form and ready to party into the wee hours. Our attempts at Rickrolling may have fallen a little flat, but the girls vs boys Grease Mega Mix finale more than made up for it. And that was before the dancing…

The barman having presented me with some of the decorative balloons to ensure I didn’t end up in the Thames on the stagger back to the hotel, the evening ended like this:

Which, considering it had started with Pimms, wasn’t at all bad really!


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