Vintage buys

On Saturday in Henley we nipped into a couple of local hospice charity shops to see what we could spy. Although it was a little too upmarket for our meagre budgets (but great for cheap Jaeger suits, if you’re that way inclined), I did spot a box of dress patterns at £1 each. I picked up two to add to my “future creations” collection!

Homes and Antiques is one of those funny magazines that I forget to buy until I’m stuck at a railway station, looking for a way to while away the time. And yet, I always enjoy it. When I spied this month’s edition in the corner shop, I had to pick up a copy, spurred on by the “vintage” theme to the issue. I was not disappointed. I believe I read it cover-to-cover, and am more than a little tempted to subscribe.

This edition includes a vintage 50s fashion print – the first of four to collect – and included features on vintage events, shopping collections and interiors. It fills a gap in the market that needed filling, but comes at it with the background knowledge so desperately required to make the features work. I’m already looking forward to next month’s edition!


4 thoughts on “Vintage buys

  1. 4315 looks like it would turn out some lovely vintage frocks.

    I’ve never bought homes and antiques, I usually plump for Country Living, but I might give it a whirl based on your recommendation. X

    • I like Country Living too on occasion, but a lot of their interiors are quite samey I think. And I do like the charity shop antiques that turn out to be worth a fortune… A girl can dream! xx

  2. I did exactly the same thing with Homes and Antiques this month. I have subscribed with their 5 issues for £5 offer as I really want all four of those fashion prints. I love the whole issue with all that lovely vintage stuff!

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