Blisters and thistles

I hate this uncertain summer weather, when it’s neither warm nor cold, overcast yet muggy, and susceptible to last minute changes from bright sunshine to pouring rain. I’m finding it very difficult to dress myself appropriately.

I’ve nothing to tell you this week I’m afraid! Dapper wasn’t feeling100% over the weekend – a rarity in itself – so we had a very lazy couple of days, only leaving the house to walk the dogs. We are trying to incorporate some longer walks into our weekends anyway, to build up a bit of stamina before we head back into the North country in August. I am grateful for my walking trainers after weekends such as this one, particularly as I watch Dapper plastering up his blisters…

Speaking of injuries, I had a moment of stupidity on Saturday night, a run-in with a pan of hot oil which has left me with a rather sore and blistered forearm. I get so frustrated when I incur an injury which is entirely and inarguably my own fault. I have become slap-dash with my cooking, far too self-assured by half, even cocky about my heatproof fingers… What I’m really getting at is that it serves me right!

Still hurts though.

Anyhoo, I’ve got about a dozen items to list on ebay tonight, so I’ll love you and leave you, with some pictures of… thistles! And busy buzzy bees!


4 thoughts on “Blisters and thistles

  1. Ouch! I can sympathise on the blister front – I am currently sporting a couple of irksome blisters on my foot from an impressively daft double cuppa-spillage (pre-milk, naturally) incident. Sigh.

    And yes, this in-betweeny weather is very difficult to dress – I’ve been struggling with it myself and even caught myself thinking fondly of autumn the other day, thereby wishing away those precious last few weeks’ chance of summer!

    • Ouch – I have often suffered the “tea on foot” pain – thankfully usually after milk though! And I too have been thinking ahead to autumn (I always do by August – I lurrrve autumn!) although I’m not really feeling too enthuised about fashion this year. I don’t think I’ve been reading enough fashion mags is all – will have to fix that! 😀

  2. I know exactly what you mean about that gung ho, asbestos fingers approach to cooking. I’ve grown that way too and I have a burn mark on my arm that’s only just fully clearing many months after the injury. x

    • The weirdest thing is that my fingers were the most agonsiing part of the injury, and when I checked them Sunday morning they were fine – not even a blister! The burn on my arm was painful and has blistered like a fiend, and the back of my hand I didn’t even feel, and has developed huge purple blob-like burns! The body is a strange and wonderful thing…

      I’m hopeful it won’t be many months before this one disappears, though Dapper reckons it’ll scar. :S xx

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