Double Dark Choc Chunks!

One evening last week I was bored. And peckish. The natural result of these two colliding forces was a mega batch of cookies.

Being devoted to the Great British Victoria Sponge, it was only in the last two years that I mastered cookie dough. My basic cookie recipe came from Bakerella, and has been tried, tested and tweaked over time depending entirely on the contents of my cupboards. The contents last week discounted chopped mixed nuts or choc chips, but included flaked almonds and dark chocolate, which I hacked into chunks. They discounted soft brown sugar, but included some unset fudge leftovers (yes, still – it doesn’t really go off!). And in the absence of sufficient flour for what turned out to be an especially sticky dough, they also included the end of a tin of Green & Black’s cocoa powder, resulting in a breed of cookies I have deemed Double Dark Chocolate Chunks.

This was the first time I felt confident enough to really play around with the dough – as with all baking, it’s a matter of getting to grips with the desired texture before you can swerve from the beaten track. It’s just a matter of trusting in yourself to find your way back, however sticky things may get!

I made a mix of normal, cookie-size biscuits and mini cookie “bites”, made uniform by placing each half-size ball of dough into a fairy cake tin to cook. These come out at a rather more child-friendly size than your regular cookie, and look adorable in an empty resealable coffee jar, given as a gift!


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