Well, it may be a whole two-and-a-half weeks until I go on holiday, but I’m already well and truly in panic mode when it comes to the sheer volume of work I need to have done before I go. As per usual, I’ll need to be on top of all the stuff that usually happens whilst I’m away, and so have written and scheduled social media content plus a handful of massive-scale emails and edited down video footage… And before that I have an entire website to write. Yes, you read that correctly: by August 5th I need to have written the content for a 60+ page website. No mean feat!

But last night I had a rare treat, a whole evening entirely to myself! So, rather than worry about the workload, I used the time to bake a cake for a colleague’s 30th birthday:

I’m afraid I forgot to get a photo of the end result, and it frankly didn’t last long… But the usual addition of orange zest to the mix went down a treat!


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