Students say the silliest things…

The only non-secondhand item I’m wearing today are my M&S shoes. The dress is a Primark one, bought in a charity shop, the belt was gifted by Lauren following a trip to a vintage fair, and the blouse is one of my absolute favourites, bought for £1.50 in a charity shop, but tricky to wear! It’s the collar detail I love, so here’s a close up.

Isn’t it lovely! I must find more ways to wear it!


Seriously, when  it comes to children, I can deal with stupidity. But when it comes to students, who should be able to demonstrate some level of the intellect that surely got them through their A-levels, I lose my temper. Tonight I was stuck in a vestibule with five, apparently intellect-free, individuals.

It started with them forcing their way through the packed train. Unable to find a seat, they pushed and shoved their way back to the end of the carriage, complaining with every step. One girl announced how “totally unfair” public transport was, especially when they made her stand in “the cargo bit”. She concluded, “I hate trains”.

Her friends, I am certain, agreed. I am certain because they all confirmed as much – but not through the typical conversational nods and murmurs of agreement. Oh no.

“I hate trains,” said student girl #2.
“I hate trains,” said student girl #3.
“I hate trains,” said student boy #1.
“I hate trains,” said student boy #2.
“I hate trains,” said student girl #1 again – just to confirm.

The conversation moved on to how much they hated being in confined places, particularly when they are warm & confined. Student girl #2 voiced how strongly she always just wants to hold her head under cold water when on holiday in hot countries, then got really excited about a picture she’d seen online…

“Oh my god, have you seen it – it must have been like a heatwave in Japan because there’s all these people in a swimming pool and they can’t swim – they’re just standing there, there’s too many of them to swim! Seriously, they’re just standing there! Let me find it – oh my god my phone is so sh*t…”

Whilst the other four exclaimed excitedly over the prospect of lots of Japanese people standing up in a swimming pool because – oh my god – they’re too packed in to actually swim, Student girl #2 attempted to load Google on her phone, muttering all the time about why her sh*tty phone wouldn’t work. At this point I had to bite my lip to stop myself turning around and pointing out that it was most likely because we were in a metal box, hurtling through the English countryside at nigh 100 miles per hour.

This general jibber-jabber went on and on, until Student boy #1 began to regale the crew with a story about a holiday in Barcelona. Clearly Student boy #2 had also been on this holiday as he was constantly asked to confirm details…

“Yeah, yeah, and on our last day we all had to play sun-screen roulette – like where you’re not allowed to wear any sun-screen at all and hang out on the beach all day. We were kinda ok, but Random non-present student boy fell asleep and had horrible burns in the shape of, like, Africa, all over his back. It was so funny!”

They all laughed in a way that suggested they had never heard anything quite so funny in their lives, whilst Student girl #1 gasped for breath and threatened to wet herself with laughter.

Because sun burn is hilarious, right?


13 thoughts on “Students say the silliest things…

  1. Lovely collar detail on this blouse, this really emphasises the fabulous bargains second hand shopping can bring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to be alone with my jealousy…

  2. Like, OMG, there was this one time at band camp… Seriously, that sounds like the most annoying situation. I get terribly angered by stupid conversations like that too, but it’s not limited to teenagers on trains, I’ve heard equally stupid conversations in lifts at work too!! Xx

    • Ohhh, I know – I’ve heard the most ridiculous conversations on trains between middle aged adults too… But there’s something about the teenage tone and speech pattern, and this particular type of student too – the ones who can’t stand public transport – that really grates on me! I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s attitude as well… Gah! xx

  3. I know it’s not adult of me but I frequently want to punch young people when they talk rubbish!! It also takes all my resolve not to comment on the teenspeak (and horrific spelling) when my younger relatives post on FB!

    I have become a grumpy ol’ laydee! LOL!

  4. Ah, see, I use “gawjus” – but it’s about the pronunciation – I wouldn’t say it in the way I normally say gorgeous, it’s more Essex sounding if anything, hence the spelling.

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